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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
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Terrence HowardTERRENCE HOWARD (Brick) is best known for his Academy Award nominated performance in Hustle and Flow, is proud to be making his Broadway and stage debut in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  His love of acting stems from his grandmother, stage actress Minnie Gentry, who would be proud to see her grandson following in her theatrical footsteps.  Terrence is humbled to be working with some of the same actors who knew and worked with his grandmother.  Terrence's film credits include Academy Award®-winning Crash, The Brave One, August Rush, NAACP award-nominated Pride, which Terrence also produced, Golden Globe and Spirit Award nominated The Best Man, Ray, Dead Presidents and Mr. Holland’s Opus.  He will next be seen in the upcoming films Iron Man and Fighting.  His television credits include Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated Lackawanna Blues and Their Eyes Were Watching God.  Also a self-taught musician, Terrence plays both the piano and the guitar and can be seen displaying these musical talents in his debut album due out later this year. Terrence dedicates this performance to his Great Grandmother.



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